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Information for New Members

To Join HAA, follow these instructions:

Please create your member listing by sending an email message to Do not worry about formatting your listing; just send all your information in the email.

The guidelines for your listing are below. You won’t necessarily have something for every category, and that’s fine.


Contact information (address, phone numbers, email, web site, etc.)

Send only information that you want made public. Please don’t send an email address unless you check it fairly regularly.

Business Name

Education, Certifications, other Qualifications

To see whether your abbreviations are listed, go to

Your Professional Organizations

To see whether your abbreviations are listed, go to

Description of your business/service/practice/modalities/etc.

Approximately 100 words maximum for the body of the paragraph … Please write your blurb in the third person, for example: “Jane (Your name) does this, and she believes that”, NOT “I do this, and I believe that.”

For examples, Link to Directory and Other Members' Listings.

Keep in mind that some people have paid for a 2/3- or full-page listing in the printed directory, so some of these write-ups will be considerably longer than the suggested 100 words.

Finally, we’d love to get a good quality, color photo of you for the web site. It will be black and white in the printed directory, but if it’s good enough quality (most digital photos are these days), it ought to turn out pretty well in the printed copy, too.


Membership Benefits:

1) HAA 2016 - 2017 Printed Directory Listing — 4,000 free copies are distributed in the Big Bend area.

2) HAA Web Site Listing

3) Email notices about HAA members’ Classes, Workshops, or Events are sent out often to a list of about 300 people.

4) Discount on Directory Advertising

Membership Responsibilities:

1) Members are asked to assist with HAA Printed Directory distribution.

2) Members are asked, but not required, to speak at a Monthly Meeting.

3) The HAA Barter Bank helps to compensate our volunteers and contractors for their services. Members may be asked to donate a service as often as once a year.

Membership Fees:

The annual single membership fee is $140 -- 1/3 page listing.
Two business partner members is $280 -- 2/3 page listing.
Three or more members in a group is $420 -- full page listing

For current members to renew membership, please email your changes/updates to

We are now able to take credit card payments over the phone. Please call Arielle Raff, Administrative Director of the Healing Arts Alliance, at 214-707-0717 to charge your membership this year. We are able to take VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

OR, Send check payable to:

Healing Arts Alliance (or HAA)
c/o Pat Dudley-Gregory
P.O. Box 181233
Tallahassee, FL 32303-2747


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